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Superman pill report

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Deadly superman ecstasy pill prompts 'red alert' in netherlands

It's strange for two other reasons: the first is that MDMA is easier and cheaper to get hold of right now than it has been for a decade. The tragedy highlights the urgent need in the UK for a similar pill-testing scheme to that in place pilp the Netherlands. It might not realistic that every E-dropper will have their pill tested before they take it — but what's important, as illustrated in this case, is that once a bad batch has been detected, public alerts can be issued at a more attention-grabbing, nationwide level.

Mr Rigter added: "There is always a chance this pill could enter the UK. Newcastle City Duty Officer Inspector Shane Buggy said this was "another clear example" of the dangers of taking illicit drugs. Police in Suffolk have charged Adrian Lubecki, a year-old from Ipswich, with supplying class-A drugs.

He warned anyone against taking the pills and said people who took party drugs and felt unwell should seek medical help immediately. Several made their own way to the emergency departments and others arrived by NSW Ambulance.

All reported taking blue pills or blue superman pills. But for these guys it was too late.

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Police uncovered Lubecki's stash of Superman pills but believe that Lubecki is not the only dealer supermsn the UK who is selling them. The pink Superman pills found in the Low Countries contained extremely high levels — mg — of PMMA, effectively turning them into deadly pills. At least one suffered seizures. See www. Despite this, and the fact virtually all UK ecstasy superman pill report are supplied via Liverpool-based traffickers from the Netherlands, the only alerts put out in the UK were by The Loop, a community-based drugs information group, and the Warehouse Project, a Manchester club that provides testing facilities for pills.

So, that is remarkable. Usually batches of pills run into tens of thousands, and the police say they will only be able to tell if the publicity around these deaths has hit home by the end of the weekend, when Britain's ecstasy users start popping reprot pills.

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Larger text size Very large text size Newcastle police are investigating the spread of a dangerous new drug that caused a usperman overdose on the weekend. Police in Suffolk acted quickly and printed flyers in four different languages warning people about the pills. Advertisement Tests are being carried out to determine what the pills are made of.

One of the 'blue superman' pills that were responsible for 11 people being taken to Newcastle hospitals on the weekend. At least 11 party goers were taken to Calvary Mater Newcastle and John Hunter Hospital emergency departments between Friday and Monday nights after taking 'blue superman' pills.

Tweet Snap Supeerman photo of the pills that seem to be killing people in Ipswich, Telford, and beyond There is a central mystery behind the batch of pink, diamond-shaped Superman logo "ecstasy" pills that appear to have caused the torturous deaths of four young men over Christmas and New Year. And that is: Why would anyone make these things?

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Van der Gouwe told me the Superman pills had popped up several times in the Netherlands in December. Their existence is mystifying because drug suppliers, like any other businessmen, have always tended to avoid killing off their customers. All recovered and have been discharged from the hospitals. The second is that whoever made these could've cut them with half the amount of PMMA and they still would've got users high.

They believe Daniel Bagnall bought his pills from a different seller than the Suffolk victims. If you do not reeport to run any risk, do not use. Police say they will only be able to tell if the publicity around these deaths has hit home by the end of the weekend, when Britain's ecstasy users supermman popping their pills I spoke to Daan van der Gouwe, of the Drugs Information and Monitoring System at the Trimbos Institute in Utrecht, which put out an alert about the PMMA Superman pills on the 19th of December.

'blue superman' pills cause mass overdose in newcastle

If, as suspected, the pills that killed these men are from the same batch that first surfaced in the Netherlands and Belgium a month ago, they are some of the most dangerous pills masquerading as ecstasy known to man. These pills are made by criminals in backyard labs and might be sold as one substance but are actually another.

He said tests were being carried out on the pills, but the were not yet known. Three year-old girls seriously ill after taking ecstasy pills The pill was found to contain a high dose of PMMA para-methoxy-n-methylamphetaminewhich is a toxic psychedelic substance, when "99 times out of " the pill would contain the less risky - but still potentially dangerous - MDMA. The same thing happened with Mortal Kombat pills last year. As to why someone has made this, either they are completely idiotic and made a mistake or it is a professional manufacturer who knows what they are doing and is taking advantage of the fact PMA and PMMA are cheaper to source than MDMA.

The patients, ten men and one woman, were aged between 18 and They presented over four nights and were not believed to have attended the same venue.