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Chiang mai nightlife girlie bars I Am Search Sexual Dating

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Chiang mai nightlife girlie bars

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Outside from Soi 7 and 9, Nimman also has larger nightclubs with more professional live bands. It has an outdoor style bar area with a dance floor and a typical indoor club room across it. Check out the map at the end to get a better idea of the places. They all close ching 1AM but depending on the of customers, they may stay open an hour more with the curtains closed. Standard prices are Baht for Thai massage and Baht for oil massage.

Of course you can also walk out again without paying any more than the bill for your beverages beers around Baht.

Of course there are many more great bars in Chiang Mai to have a relaxed drink or two without being surrounded by young Thai girls in short skirts one minute after you sat down, but the above mentioned ones are my favorite places and should give you a good start. Most of the pole dancers are available for short-time or all night sex sessions.

Check out my must read guide on online girls in Thailand. I think the main reason for that is that there are less male tourists and much more female tourists than elsewhere in Thailand.

Chiang mai nightlife beer bars

Most of the people party together at the outdoor patio style bar and dance floor though. Reasonable prices for the experience, standard prices when you take a girl home. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

The whole team and management are working hard on giving this place its own identity and making sure that all customers have a good time. If it is the low seasonlate in the evening or there are more girls than customers, prices do drop and are often negotiable anyway. Still worth to check out and see what you can find.

The 4 best girly bar areas in chiang mai

Everything at nigghtlife place is super modern and of highest standard, they just made one mistake: The fishbowl is somewhat too small as even in the middle of the afternoon there are so many girls they are almost sitting on one another. That also gives you a good opportunity to chat with the staff in these bars as they are not as busy as during the night.

Some of them have a high proportion of working girls. Beers 80 Baht!

Chiang mai nightlife: girlie bars, prices & bar girls in

The Spotlight is about metres from the moat end of Loi Kroh. Prices: Happy hour until 9pm with beers for 99 Baht. And the other is the bustling night scenes which attracts tourists from all over the world. Well, not really good.


Celeb CNX also has the nicest and most spacious rooms even equipped with flat screen TVs showing porn movies. Of course you will also find freelancers as well. You will also get a general idea of the city and where to find Thai bar girls. The girls there are looking for serious relationships so you should start chatting with them a few weeks before your trip.

If she knows you are living in Thailand then she might just leave you alone or ask you if you want to play pool right away. Sugar Beat Sugar Beat is a Thai style coyote club that has not just stages for the beautiful white skinned coyote dancers outside they have banners saying they are models from Bangkok but there is also a big stage for the live band playing Thai songs.

Go go bars, girlie bars and coyotes in chiang mai

It is a modern venue with sexy young Thai women. Those who do not want to take their new partner back to their own hotel have the choice of renting a room at a cuiang love gitlie for an hour or the night. It has the biggest seating area of all soapies in Chiang Mai, so you can just relax and have a couple of beers somewhere in the back and make up your choice.

They are usually not as attractive as elsewhere, but then their price tag is also ificantly lower usually less than 1, Baht for a short time. Lady drinks go for around Baht and the bar fines are or Baht. It is especially useful in cities like Chiang Mai that are not as populated as Bangkok so you always have access to meet even fhiang girls.

The what’s up guide to go go bars and girlie bars in chiang mai

Over all this is probably the best all around night club in Chiang Mai and worth to check out. The highest concentration of these beer bars will be closer to the river bridge crossing intersection by Kothasarn Road.

Drinks are slightly more expensive with beers around Baht. I didn't really enjoy the party scene there. Most of the girls know nightlire the local short-time hotels are.

The Spotlight has an outside bar at which the ladies sit and try to entice passing males into the inner sanctum. The bar fine is Baht in almost every beer bar in Chiang Mai and the standard rate for short time is 1, Baht and for girrlie time 2, Baht. I have noted which clubs are more Thai oriented below.