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By its end, there were about protesters; not a single one wore a brown paper bag.

The study was located within a feminist social constructionist paradigm. Some Gikuyu women in same-sex relationships have expressed a sense of liberation from male domination and of equality within the marriage. The afriacn news reports that appear with increasing regularity about extreme expressions of homophobia in some African countries in recent times most notably Nigeria and Uganda indicate that same-sex sexual relations are indeed part of the African sexual landscape.

However, despite all legal changes that promote equality of gay, lesbian and bisexual persons, there are still issues to be addressed in South Africa, such as the unequal age of consent regarding heterosexual and same-sex sexual relations, and violence against Black lesbians in particular Mkhize et al. The contributions included here are diverse in terms of topic, methodology, conceptual approach, and geographic background.

Coalition of african lesbians

To round off this edition, we have included a review section that directly covers some of the broader themes discussed. Africa is the continent with the highest of countries in which homosexuality is illegal Itaborahy, The gendered aspect of male same-sex sexual expression drawing on received ideas of masculinity and femininity is particularly focus on in the work of Graeme Reid The paper argues for increased attention for the health needs of lesbians living with HIV, and for HIV prevention that addresses the needs of women who have sex with women more generally.

Arising out of a conference that was evaluated as highly successful, the main sponsor, Hivos, the international development organization guided by humanist values, has decided that a follow-up conference should be organised, again with the aim of promoting the understanding of male and female same-sex sexual practices, identities and communities, including expressions of gender diversity in Africa. Yet her joy had a high price. There are, however, african lesbian variety of factors that contribute to a certain uniqueness of same-sex sexual expression in Africa.

The HIV-related literature on same-sex sexuality, however, has its limitations.

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Discussion of the latter took precedence at the conference, and focused on how the victims of these crimes rarely know that extortion actually is a crime and that, for a variety of reasons, they rarely report their experiences to the police. The arrests followed by months the publication in a Kampala magazine of a leesbian of 45 men alleged to be homosexuals.

A range of discourses emerged which illustrates how they both replicate and challenge traditional roles and discourses.

This lack of recognition in a struggle for lesbians living with HIV to understand the possibility of female-to-female transmission. It was lesban first country to do so.

Black lesbian bodies: reflections on a queer south african archive

While there are in general few institutionalised religions that are explicitly supportive of same-sex sexual expressions and lifestyles, religion is likely to have a stronger impact on the lives lesgian African persons. Lack of understanding from family and friends is a common theme.

In acknowledging this uniqueness, we do not, however, suggest that there is one uniform and homogeneous expression of same-sex sexuality across the Aafrican continent. The legal, social and political climate has consequences for how same-sex sexuality is experienced and expressed.

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Sex between men in Nigeria, defined as sodomy, was already punishable by up to 14 years in prison, reports the non-governmental International Lesbian and Gay Association ILGA. In discussing the responses to HIV among men who have sex with other men, they explain how HIV prevention has evolved in a context with many structural barriers, including religion and stigma. Surprisingly, Geoffrion maintains that in the Ghanaian context, where the idea and concept of homosexuality is only recently gaining attention, these activities are not expressions of same-sex sexuality.

Although this epidemic, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, was long believed to be exclusively characterised by heterosexual transmission, research in the recent past strongly indicates that in these countries, the odds of being infected with HIV is higher among men who have sex with men than among men in general Beyrer et al. This second conference is scheduled to take place in March, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Go to: Acknowledgments This special issue of Culture, Health and Sexuality has been produced with the financial support from Hivos.

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To be sure, same-sex relationships can raise a host of issues in societies where marriage and family are intimately bound up with access to land and property, afrucan rights, community status and even political stability. They can be accompanied by abuses, are too often enforced by vigilante violence and are sometimes enshrined in law.

Conservative religious and political leaders in many countries still strongly oppose equal rights for homosexuals, including same-sex marriage. The lesgian could be raised whether there is something specific about African same-sex sexualities that warrants special attention. DOI: Attention to same-sex transmission of HIV has also contributed to the proliferation of community-based organisations with a focus on same-sex sexuality.

Black south african lesbians

Inthe group decided to organise a Pride march — which had never been done before in Lezbian Africa, or indeed in Africa. I cannot go back there. In one case, they reported in in a scholarly article in the US National Women Studies Association Journal, less woman married a younger woman with the expectation that the new wife would bear children by a male partner and create heirs.

The authors argue in turn for attention to the specific emotional and informational support needs identified in the study. For most men in this study, religion and sexuality encapsulated two central dimensions of their identity, despite the religious rejection of same-sex sexuality. She had lived through horrifying violence with her family before.

Recent research by African and Northern academics, however, is challenging the assertion that homosexuality was imported to Africa by colonialism and is not compatible with tradition and culture. Decades later, she still does not believe anything will match the euphoria of that day.

'my activism started then': the soweto uprising remembered

She grew worried, fearing the low s made them more vulnerable to attack. More importantly, there is a huge gap between what has been accomplished legally and lives realities on the ground.

Historical factors play a role as well, in particular the legacy of colonial histories and the need to claim independent national identities. Normally the man pays it. Although sexual minorities are gradually winning recognition and protection of their rights under the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and other human rights treaties, they remain at great risk of official harassment, arbitrary detention, public stigmatization, extortion and even assault because of their sexual orientation.